Silica Plus

Liquid Silica Plus Fertilizer Supplement by HydroHort (32 oz)

Silica Supplements for Plants | Silica Plus for Plants Increases Resistance to Environmental Stress

Stronger Cell Walls HydroHort Silica Plus fortifies cells from the inside out. By strengthening the cell walls the plant will build strong branches and stems Stronger Cells Mean Bigger Stems Silica Plus thickens the cell walls which results in plants being able to take up and transport water and nutrients. This will result in faster growth rates and bigger plants Increased resistance to environmental stress 1 - Silica Plus helps perform many of the functions as an immune system. 2 - Silica helps plants withstand extreme temperature 3 - Silica also forms a protective coating at the cellular level that helps decrease the amount of water lost through evaporation. This makes plants less likely to suffer during drought conditions.

SILICA PLUS 1 QT (Large) (1).png

  • PROTECTS PLANTS FROM EXTREME CONDITIONS - Increased resistance to environmental stress

  • GREAT for HYDROGARDENS and container gardens

  • Aids in resistance to drought by reducing water loss, and in some cases, it may increase growth and yield

  • COMPATIBLE WITH ANY NUTRIENT SYSTEM: Contains a water-soluble form of silica

  • SILICA is ALKALINE by nature and will naturally raise the pH level of your nutrient solution