Mobley Greenhouses

Mobley Greenhouses Inc was established in 1982 by John Mobley. Patrick Mobley, John’s son joined the company two years later in 1984.

The Company has a total of 130 greenhouses, 80 in Moultrie Ga and 50 in Labelle Florida. They turn each house 5 times a year.


In addition to vegetable and hemp transplants they also produce pine seedling transplants in 7 container and bare-root nurseries throughout the Southeast U.S.

The largest container nursery is located in Moultrie Ga and the largest bareroot nursery is located in Washington NC.

Their pine seedling genetics are the most sought after genetics in the U.S.


2019 Production Statistics

  • Over 500 million transplants sold

  • Over 259 million pine seedlings sold

moultrie ga 1.png

Moultrie, GA

Location 1

moultrie ga 2.png

Moultrie, GA

Location 2

Mobley Greenhouse divide up their locations to mitigate risk of destructive weather. Their large customers prefer that their plant orders are divided up among several locations.

moultrie ga 3.png

Moultrie, GA

Location 3

labelle fla.png

LaBelle, Florida


moultrie ll.png

Moultrie, GA

Location 4

washington nc.png

Washington, NC


Mobley has nurseries in several states in the Southeast US


Every single greenhouse can grow 500,000 transplants each!


Mobley has 4 Mosa seed lines that can seed 1000 trays per hour each


Shipping and Logistics

  • Mobley has almost 100 Semi Trailers

  • They deliver plants all over the eastern half of the U.S. and as far north as Indiana, Michigan and New York


Mobley ships plant over the eastern half the US in close to 100 of these trailers.