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Hydrohort Premium Fertilizers

Hydrohort initially started as EZ-gro back in 1992. It was a division of Transplant Systems as a consumer product oriented business. Transplant Systems was a commercial greenhouse manufacturing serving commercial growers. The product line grew and was renamed Hydrohort. 

Today our brands consists of Hydrohort, EZ-gro Fertilizer, Ocean Harvest Fertilizer, EZ Seed Starter Kits, Hydrohort Gardens, EZ-gro Pod Kits, Hydrohort Fertilizer Supplements, Hydrohort Grow Plugs, EZ-gro Sow & Gro Kits, Hydrohort pH Control Kits, Hydrohort Gro Tents

Citrus front wo cup no bg (Medium).png

Citrus Fertilizer

All Purpose front wo cup no bg (Medium).

All Purpose Fertilizer

Flower Food Blossom Booster (Medium).png

Blossom Booster

Calcium Nitrate Front no bk (Medium).png

Calcium Nitrate

House Plant c (Medium).png

Houseplant Fertilizer

Palm front wo cup no bg (3) (Medium).png

Palm Fertilizer

Hydrangea Label Front no bk (Medium).png

Hydrangea Blue

Tomato front wo cup no bg (Medium).png

Tomato Fertilizer

African Violet c (Large) (1).png

African Violet Food

Orchid Fertlizer c (Large) (1).png

Orchid Food

Fish Fertilizer Bottle (Large) (1).png

Fish Fertilizer

Seaweed Fertilizer Bottle (Large) (1).pn

Seaweed Fertilizer

Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer bottle (Large)

Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer

Cal-N-Mag Plant Supplement  (Large) (1).

Cal-N-Mag 2-0-0

SILICA PLUS 1 QT (Large) (1).png

Silica Plus 0-0-2