Feminized Seed Varieties

We deliver to the farm.

All Feminized Seed Transplants are grown in 128 cell Styrofoam trays that measure 13.5” x 26.5”. Our EPS styrofoam trays are made by Beaver Plastics and are the highest density available. This prevents root penetration into the tray. Volumes of 250,000 and greater can be grown and delivered in injection molded plastic trays that measure 13.5” x 26.5”.

Why a large cell like a 128?

We deliver the best quality feminized seed transplants from the best growers and require a plant with the largest root ball and stem diameter, so your crop gets off to the best start (the lower the cell number yields a bigger the plant). We take your investment in our plants seriously and deliver you the best plant possible.

Transplant Systems set a high bar for quality.

Cherry Wine


Whoever named this strain Cherry Wine must have been guided by its smell. Because just like the name, the aroma is enticing. As soon as you start breaking up the syrupy buds, you are hit with the sweet cherry smell that carries hints of black pepper and cheese.

Contains high concentrations of farsenene, limonene, myrcene, linalool, and b-caryophyllene.

This rich-terpene profile gives the flower her relaxing therapeutic effect and subtle smell with hints of fresh matter.

Cherry Wine 4sm (1).jpg



The Merlot hemp cultivar has started to gain notoriety within the growing community for it’s strong CBD percentage, high yields and sweet aromas. Buyers are searching for Merlot, but not everyone has it for sale.

We currently have Merlot available for sale in both seeds and clones. They have test analysis and legal paperwork to back their quality, and the seeds can ship anywhere in the US.

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BerryBlossomImageWeb (1).jpg

Berry Blossom


The Berry Blossom hemp strain is a cross between Cherry Kandahar S1 (in-house selection) x Chardonnay. This proprietary cross results in very dense, large pink buds. Berry Blossom is known for its high CBD content with a strong terpene profile and potent aroma consisting of sweet berries. This extremely floral hemp strain also has hints of candied raspberries and exotic undertones, which comes from the Chardonnay strain. The majority of Berry Blossom seeds test at 15-18% CBD and .3% THC.

BaoxSM (1).jpg



A ritualistic way to relax, feel calm, get extra good beauty rest and feel in control of our day without feeling hazy. More information about this variety in our ‘description’ tab, scroll below.

Note, all hemp CBD flower is grown in North Carolina under licensed farms strictly in compliance with 0.3% or below of THC, this flower will not get you high.