High Grade Hemp

High Grade Hemp Seed produces best-in-class hemp cultivars with proven compliance, feminization, and cannabinoid levels.


We back up our genetics with customer service you can count on. We understand how risky hemp farming can be. That is why we test all of our seed varietals on our farms prior to selling them to our customers.


High Grade Hemp Seed genetics are farm proven with average feminization rates over 99.98%* and germination rates well above 95%* in most cases. Hemp is revitalizing agriculture, turbo-charging business, improving health, and delivering life-changing returns for farmers.

High Grade Hemp Seed was one of the first licensed hemp farms in the United States and has been pivotal in the reintroduction of hemp to the global supply chain. Founder and CEO Bodhi Urban and the High Grade team introduced foundational hemp strains such as Berry Blossom and Cherry Wine that are the basis of hemp genetics today.


High Grade’s CBD and CBG cultivars have a five year track record of field performance. From improved auto flower lines to early finishers and CBG varietals, we are constantly developing and releasing innovative new strains.

High Grade’s focused breeding program and partnerships help farmers grow proven, strong and diverse genetics. Paving the way with cannabinoids like CBG, has been a logical next step – both in advancing the agricultural industry and also in improving the availability of CBG products to U.S. consumers. We continue to push R&D in an effort to lead the hemp industry into new growth.