Franklin Hemp

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The Franklin phenotype is a vigorous plant with moderate to long internodes. Franklin has shown, in greenhouse trials, to have above average powdery mildew resistance especially compared to other phenotypes and genetics.


Franklin is also a rapid rooting plant. This plant shows high tests in the terpenes Caryophyllene. The flower at maturity is spicy with hints of pepper and clove with a piney finish.

Although the plant generally has high CBD content, it may produce high THC levels if not properly managed.


To prevent this from happening, IHF measures the THC levels 3-5 weeks before the harvesting period.

Assaying THC levels is particularly necessary during drought or unusually hot weather conditions as this may increase THC levels in hemp.


Average CBD-A: 10% - 14+%

Average THC: 0.034%

Ratio CBD/THC: 39-47:1

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