When grading quality and performance, it is a top-level strain. The Cherry Wine selection reversed in this hybrid tested well below the legal limit of THC at full maturity (8+ weeks in flower) and averaged nearly 17% CBD from whole plant composite samples.

With most of our customers entering into the CBD farming and looking to scale quickly to large industrial agricultural acreage, we know the necessity to supply a stabilized boutique quality CBD oil flower that can, and is expected, to be farmed without the concern of going over the THC threshold (individual farming practices may affect the end result).

This line has proven success in different conditions and altitudes and has proven to remain under the .3% THC. Planted on 4-foot centers, Cherry Blossom averaged over 2000 pounds of dry whole plant material per acre. This is a fantastic option for both the new farmer and the experienced grower.

Cherry Blossom


Genetics: Cherry Wine S3 X Berry Blossom 1
Germination rate: 96%
Characteristics: COmplex floral and cherry overtones of candid raspberries, acai berries and pine skunk. 
Plant size and spacing:Medium, recommended plant spacing 4'x4'
Potency: 39:1 CBD to THC ratio (depending on time of harvest and climate variables)
Harvest: 6 - 7 weeks indoor/Mid to late September outdoor
Yield: Average 1 - 2 lbs per plant