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Transplant Systems – A Proven Leader in Developing Technology in the Tobacco Plant Greenhouse Industry – A Name You Can Trust 

“The class of those who have the ability to think their own thoughts is separated by an unbridgeable gulf

from the class of those who cannot”    Ludwig van Mises

Transplant Systems is a growing system company that is focused on developing greenhouse systems and agronomic programs for growing containerized transplants. Transplant Systems was the first company to manufacture and market a total system for growing direct seed greenhouse tobacco plants in a scientific manner in 1984.  The agronomic programs and the system equipment we developed and patented are now an industry standard being promoted by every vendor of systems to tobacco growers. If you  grow greenhouse tobacco plants then you are using equipment developed and patented by Transplant Systems and using agronomic growing progams that it developed.  Our total system concept has enabled us to provide you with both the systems and growing programs needed to grow transplants in a greenhouse.

Our history dates back to the beginning of the introduction of growing tobacco transplants in a greenhouse environment as it was the first company to offer a total system for growing direct seed tobacco plants in the greenhouse.  Transplant Systems is well known for the quality of its systems and it is equally well known for being the only company to give agronomic assistance based on a water quality program  to its growers . The technology developed by Transplant Systems, including both the system equipment and agronomic programs have stood the test of time, as all its technology has become the corner stone on which the industry has grown from.

Transplant Systems looks forward to serving you once again, bringing you the newest technology,  and the best agronomic service.

Our history gives you confidence that you can trust the new technology that we are bringing to the industry

History of Transplant Systems

History of Transplant Systems