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Would you apply fertilizer to your plants without knowing what the fertilizer analysis was? Well, if you are not having a water analysis done, then that is exactly what you are doing.


The Trilogy Growing Program

Trilogy Growing Program


The successful production of quality transplants with a high pull percentage is the goal of every grower in the greenhouse. That goal is better realized when you start with a scientific approach to your fertilization program. The Trilogy Growing Program will deliver on those results.


The Trilogy Program will determine the fertilizer that you should be using, based on the analysis of your water. And with the proper media selected, the Trilogy Program will deliver a scientific approach to your fertilization program and deliver you the results you want.



Ask your fertilizer supplier for more information on The Trilogy Growing Program or contact us and we will arrange a meeting to lay out the Trilogy Growing Program and how it works for you.

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Trilogy Growing Program