Timeline of Transplant Systems Technology & Developments in the Industry

Transplant Systems – A Proven Leader in Developing Technology in the Tobacco Plant Greenhouse Industry 

Our history gives you confidence that you can trust the new technology that we are bringing to the industry

1982 – Developed the first “Precision Plant Bed System” utilizing tobacco seed on soluble seed tape

1984 – First to developed and introduced a total system concept of “Direct Seed Greenhouse Systems” for growing                                          greenhouse tobacco plants

1984 – Developed its center suspended “Traveling Boom Irrigator” system

1985 – Developed and introduced the first scientific “Agronomic Fertility Management System” for growing greenhouse                                  tobacco plants, now an industry standard. Much of its content now published in the NCSU tobacco manual.

1985 – First to identify the importance of “Water Quality Management”  in successfully growing greenhouse tobacco plants.

1985 – First to establish Water Quality Standards” with recommended bicarbonate levels for greenhouse tobacco plants,                                  now an industry standard. NCSU & NCDA would eventually incorporate these same recommendations in their                                              “Tobacco Production Guidelines”

1985 – First to introduced the use of “common battery acid (sulfuric acid)” as a neutralizer of high levels of bi-carbonates,                                 now an industry standard. NCSU & NCDA would eventually incorporate these  same recommendations in their                                             “Tobacco Production Guidelines”

1985 – Published the first agronomic growing manual, “Basics of Tobacco Plug Growing” for growing greenhouse tobacco                              plants in both English and Spanish.  Much of its content now published in the annual  Flue-Cured Tobacco Manual.

1985 – Conducted first “Growing Seminar” on producing greenhouse tobacco plants. These seminars would be conducted on an                       annual basis across 6 states and 4 countries

1986 – Developed the first “Fertilizer Injector System” for managing tobacco fertility programs.

1986 – Developed the “Mat System”, a sub-irrigation system utilizing plastic trays.

1986 – Developed the first “Bottom Heat System” for tobacco plants.

1986 – Authored the article “Water Quality- Its effect on Greenhouse Nutritional Management”.    NCSU,                                          eventually would recognized the importance of water quality in the production of greenhouse tobacco plants and                                           would  list it as the most important management practice to consider.

1986 – Developed the “Roll-Up Curtain Systems”, for Quonset style greenhouses

1986 – Developed and patented the first wall mounted “Traveling Boom Irrigator System” – US Patent # 4,842,204. Its first                                customer was Metrolina Greenhouse in Charlotte with 170 acres under one roof.

1986 – Developed and Patented the first “Clipping Boom System” – US Patent # 4,842,204, now standard equipment in every                           tobacco greenhouse in the US

1986 – Developed the 35’ “Transplant Pro-Grower Greenhouse” with 3″ columns and 2″ bows. Today an industry standard.

1986 – Developed and Patented the first” Clipper Unit Attachment” – US Patent # 4,903,464, now standard equipment in                                  every tobacco greenhouse in the US

1987 – Transplant Systems, first to use “Computer-Aided Design” procedures in developing its greenhouse products.

1988 – Developed and introduced the first “288 Cell Float Tray”, an industry standard to this day

1988 – First to develop and introduce the “Optional Structural Packages” system for the tobacco greenhouse industry now an                            industry standard

1989 – “Philip Morris “ begins referring Transplant Systems to its affiliates around the world.

1989 – Developed and introduced the first “All Steel Sidewall” for the greenhouse, a standard today on all tobacco greenhouses

1989 – Developed and introduced the” Super Seeder” capable of seeding 12 trays per minute.

1990 – Developed and introduced “O.T.I.S”, its computer driven irrigator controller for its line of travelling boom irrigators

1990 – Developed it line of other EPS Float Trays, 200, 242, & 338

1990 – First tobacco greenhouse company to offer” Certified Engineering Load Analysis” data on its structures.

1991 – Developed the “Automated Seeding System” utilizing the “Super Seeder” and automatic tray feeder with a soil box.

1992 – Introduced and demonstrated the first fully “Automatic Transplanter” for transplanting tobacco

1992 – Developed its “Pro-Loc” plastic locking system

1992 – Developed the first “Overhead Hose Gutter System” to remove the hose from the greenhouse floor. Developed for the                           for the Van Wingerdens in Chicago and later used in the tobacco greenhouse market.

1993 – Developed its gutter connected series of greenhouses , the “Pro-Grower GC”, for the horticultural market

1993 – Developed and  introduced the first “Reel Type Mower” for clipping plants.

1994 – Developed and introduced the “EZ Seed Starter Kit” and marketed nationwide by K-Mart, Lowes, Home Depot, and                                 Home Quarters

1995 – Developed and introduced its “Nursery Express” line of nursery container handling vehicles and distributed by every                                major lawn & garden distributor east of the Mississippi

1996 – Developed and introduced its “Transco” line of metal buildings

1997 – Developed and introduced its line of Bale-Tobac” tobacco balers with 4 different models.

2000 – Transplant Systems 43,500 sq ft manufacturing facility goes underwater in the flood of 1999 & closes its doors

2014 – Transplant Systems reenters the industry and introduces its newest high capacity and most precision seeder for tobacco &                         vegetable growers, the Transplant Systems Pro-Grower & Grower Drum Seeder 

2014 – Transplant System introduces its newest tray washer, the TS-15W

2014 – Transplant Systems offers the best in soil media, the  Gold. The Gold soil media is the only soil mix for float                            systems on the market today with all the “RIGHT” technology.

2014 – Transplant Systems introduces its Trilogy Growing Program, a water based fertility management system. This is the original growing program used successfully by its customers since 1984.

2014-    Transplant introduces the hard  plastic float tray.

2016 – Transplant Systems introduces the DTS plastic float tray for under $2. This tray marks a new era in tobacco  transplant seedling production.

Keeping with our history, you can depend on Transplant Systems to bring you the latest technology 


History of Transplant Systems

History of Transplant Systems