Super Seeder System

The Super Seeder System was developed and introduced by Transplant Systems in 1989. Although no longer in production, it was the seeder of choice until the advent of the drum seeder. It was capable of seeding up to 12 trays per minute. This was a tremendous advantage over the vacuum seeders being produced at the time.


The Super Seeder is a testament to the technology that was being developed for the tobacco plant industry by Transplant Systems. This was just one of many innovations being developed. You can view other technologies that have been developed by Transplant Systems by visiting the pages, “Timeline” and “About” on this site.

(Watch theVideo Below)


The Super Seeder System in this video is at Collie Farms in Ringgold Virginia. It is still in use today to seed their 2- 300′ Transplant Systems greenhouses. We would like to thank Tommie and Jimmie Collie for allowing us to share this video with you.