Seeding Systems


Seeding is essentially the first step taken in the  production process of growing tobacco and vegetable plants. Due to the diversity of sizes of operations this first step may be taken in several different ways. Since its beginnings in 1982, Transplant Systems has developed seeding systems to accommodate many different size growers.

Our seeding system has been designed for modular construction which enables a complete seeding system to be realized in stages if desired. The complete processed can be automated from destacking the trays and feeding them through the tray filling process to the dibbling and seeding operation.

Transplant Systems offers 2 Hi-Volume Drum Seeders

 The Pro-Grower TS40 & The Grower TS20



The Grower 20 is capable of seeding up to 20 trays per minute


The Pro-Grower 40 is capable of seeding up to 40 trays per minute