Media Particle Size Distribution

Soil Media Particle Size Distribution Video

This Is an Eye Opener – You Will Never Look at Soil Mix the Same

You may learn that the soil mix you having been using is not structured well for the float system!

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 “Problems Associated with Fine Texture Soil Mix in the Float System”

You Will Learn the Following Facts that the Tobacco Extension Specialist from NCSU Has Not Told You 

What Facts?

Fact 1-  Why particle size distribution is important

Fact 2 – Why a coarse texture mix is best suited for the float system

Fact 3 – Why a fine texture mix is poorly structured for the float system

Fact 4 – Why fines in a germination mix destroys air porosity

Fact 5 – Why a fine texture mix holds more water than a coarse texture mix

Fact 6 – Why a coarse texture mix has a higher air porosity than a fine texture mix


The Tobacco Specialists at North Carolina State University claim that we are misinterpreting their published literature as printed in the Flue-Cured Tobacco Production Guide. They claim that we are making misleading statements about what the literature means.

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“It isn’t that they can’t see the solution. It is that they can’t see the problem.”  G K Chesterton


The 2014 Flue-Cured Tobacco Guide states that “Research has shown that a wide range of particle sizes is most suitable” for the float system. But they do not explain what that means nor do they tell you which commercial mix  has that attribute. This valuable information that will allow you to make better management decisions has not been shared with you by the NCSU tobacco extension specialist.


This presentation will help you understand what it means for a soil mix to have a “wide range of particle size distribution” and why it is important for the soil mix you use in a float system have this attribute.

Problems Associated with Fine Texture Soil Mix in a Float System

Learn what the tobacco extension specialist from NCSU has not told you

Evidence of Fine Texture Soil Mix Holds More Water than Coarse Texture Soil Mix

This video gives proof that a fine texture soil mix holds more water than a coarse texture soil mix

Soil Mix Particle Size Distribution Demonstration

This demonstration will further prove that a fine texture holds more water than a coarse texture

A simple demonstration using marbles will illustrate the water holding capacity of a fine texture media versus a coarse texture media.

I often ask growers the question…… If I have 2 glasses and I fill one with small marbles all the same size and I fill the other glass with small, medium , and large marbles,,,,and I then fill each glass full of water. Which glass will hold the most water?

9 out of 10 people will always say that the glass with the different size marbles will hold the most water. That answer is wrong….. The glass with the small marbles holds the most water. And so it is, the soil mix with small particles (fine texture mix) holds the most water, and has the lowest air porosity.

Soilless Growing Media: How Water Holding Capacity & Air Porosity Impact Media Quality in a Float System