Introduction to Growing Media

Introduction to Growing Media

This paper has been prepared because the annual Flue-Cured Production Guide fails to address what good media quality is. It tells the reader to consider a media particle size but fails to inform the reader why that is important or what good media particle size is. It is the purpose of this paper to inform the reader why particle size is important. The tobacco guide informs the reader that the particle size influences aeration, water holding capacity, drainage and capillarity (wicking), but it fails to tell you how and why. It also fails to tell you what is most desirable in a media.

The tobacco guide informs the reader to evaluate moisture content, but it fails to tell you how you should evaluate it. The tobacco guide tells the reader to evaluate uniformity, uniformity of what? The guide tells the reader to evaluate fertilizer charge, but how is one to evaluate fertilizer charge without being informed what fertilizer charge is desirable?

“Soilless Growing Media” by Ray DeBruhl, Agronomist, will inform you what to look for and how to select a High-Quality growing media. Interestingly,the growing manual,”Basics of Tobacco Plug Growing” written by DeBruhl in 1985 and published on this site, contains basically the same information on selecting a good media for growing greenhouse tobacco plants.

. This paper is certain to be an eye opener for many. You will never look at soilless media the same again. Most growers will be surprised to learn that the soil mix that they are using is not the best for a float system environment. Also view the presentation on “Media Particle Size Distribution”. You will learn what the extension specialist will not tell you about soil mix.

Soilless Growing Media: How Water Holding Capacity & Air Porosity Impact Media Quality in a Float System

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Media Particle Size Distribution

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Soil Mix Particle Size Distribution Demonstration

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