Drum Seeding System



Fast, Accurate, and Versatile, these high speed production seeders are ideal for the grower who needs high output without downtime. Constructed for durability and precision seeding, these seeders are available as a stand alone unit, or as a complete seeding line, incorporating both a tray feeder and  filler.


Transplant Systems manufactures two models of rotary drum seeders


The ProGrower TS40 & The Grower TS20

Distributed by GetsCo of Middlesex, NC

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Features and Benefits of both seeders are:


1- Variable Speed without losing timing
2- Simple seed drum and dibbler height control
3- Rotary motion of seeding enables seed to be placed in trays accurately at high speed.
4- Simple and fast change of seed head to allow seeding of different type of trays and seeds.
5- Low amount of moving parts with a robust long life construction



The Transplant Systems  Precision Drum Seeders are the most remarkable seeder on the market today. Not only are they the most precise, but they are also the highest production seeders available. The ProGrower 40 is capable of seeding up to 30 trays per minute. That means you can seed a 300′ greenhouse in 2 hours.  The Grower 20 is capable of seeding up to 15 trays per minute.

Pro-Grower TS40 640 427

Unique only to Transplant Systems drum seeders, the drum has a counter rotating felt roller that keeps the seed within the seed hopper. Conventional drum seeders use a brush to keep seed in the drum. Seed can become lodged within the brush and allow doubles to occur frequently. Our unique counter-rotating roller prevent these doubles from occurring.
seed head

In addition to a rotary brush there is also an auger to remove excess soil from the tray top
auger and tray

The rotary brush is mounted behind the auger to remove remaining soil from tray top

Trays are filled and seeded the long way on the Pro-Grower TS40. This enables you to double your speed compared to the Grower TS20

Cross Creek Seed Company Testimony on the Pro-Grower TS40